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  • Farmers (both commercial and smallholder)
  • Processors (Textile Industry, Oil Expressors, Millers, Brewers, Dairy Products Processors, Abattoirs and Meat Processors, Ginners)
  • Merchants / Marketers / Traders of Agricultural Products


What do the key stakeholders expect?


  • Food security for its people
  • Creation of employment and income for its people.
  • Improved standard of living for the nation.
  • Raw material security for industry and commerce.
  • Generation of foreign currency


  • Financial assistance for inputs and working capital.
  • A guaranteed market for their produce.
  • A price that reflects value for their products.


  • Guaranteed supply of raw materials.
  • Quality.
  • A fair price for what they are buying.

Merchants / Marketers / Traders

  • A good market information system.
  • Fairness in the marketing of agricultural products.

The Agricultural Marketing Authority is responsible for promoting production in all facets of agriculture namely crops and livestock.